Lots of Great Bald Eagle Shots!

Lots more beautiful landscape and wildlife shots to come. Including lots of Bald Eagles!

Landscape And Wildlife Photography


Incredible Photos

Here are some more pictures from today. We’ll still be uploading a few more soon!

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Landscape And Wildlife Photography

A Beautiful Day – Some Beautiful Photos

We decided to venture out to see what we could find today. We stopped by the spot where we saw all of the Bald Eagles yesterday and sure enough we weren’t disapointed. We haven’t had time to upload all of the photos yet so here are just a few, but we’ll be posting some more great shots very soon!

Landscape And Wildlife Photography

The Golden Eagle

As promised here is a picture of the Golden Eagle we rescued a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, she had been hit by a car giving her a broken pelvis which caused her to pass away a few weeks later. The Golden Eagle is at the top of my raptor list to photograph and I have yet to get a good shot of one. It was almost surreal to encounter such a magnificent predator.

And in case you were wondering this picture was taken as she was being carried from the sage brush to our raptor transportation crate.

Bald Eagle Rescue

So today was a very interesting day. Part of my wife and I’s vounteer work includes raptor rescue and rehabilitation. In the past month we have rescued 3 Redtail Hawks, 1 Coopers Hawk, and 1 massive Golden Eagle that I’ll post a picture of in my next post. This morning we got a call that there was an injured Bald Eagle so we jumped into the truck and took off. When we arrived on site luckily the eagle was uninjured. On our way home we saw something incredible and hurried to get our camera. We returned to the spot where there were 14 Bald Eagles hunting the ducks hiding among the hundreds of Tundra Swans and Snow Geese. I was able to get some good  shots of the Swans and some of the mature and juvenile Bald Eagles. I was limited by my equipment but still managed to get a shot that would allow me to share the experience with everyone. Hope you enjoy the shots!

Decisions, Decisions

Now normally I’m against digitaly altering my photos but when I come across an image like this I just dont know what to do.
Should I let the shot go, or be content with a picture I love but know isn’t true.

Let me know what you guys think.

Walk At Dusk

Almost every night my wife and I take a walk with our 3 year old American Bulldog mix. Tonight we decided to rest beneath a tree when the most beautiful Great Horned Owl decided to land right above us! I grabbed the camera and got a few shots. I cant decide which is best so here is a few. Let me know what you think!